Length: 120 min.
Genre: Aksiyon
Producer: Pana Film
Director: Sadullah Şentürk
Music: Gökhan Kirdar
Screenplay: Raci Şaşmaz– Cüneyt Aysan – Bahadır Özdener
Players: Musa Uzunlar, Tuğrul Çetiner, Ayfer Dönmez , Sinan Pekinton, Sezai Aydın, Köksal Engür, Ali Başar, Işıl Ayşe Ertuna, Erol Ozan Ayhan, Bahar Feyzan



"Valley of the Wolves - Gladio: The story of an “inner-state” agent who settles accounts with


 Gladio that he has served for many years.
Iskender Buyuk who had been in charge of various acts organized on behalf of “inner-state”, is a retired state-intelligence agent. At the moment that he is sitting at the felon’s dock because of his dark history, nobody but Ayse, a young advocate appointed by the Bench, stands by him. Being decided to settle accounts with the people who connive at his accusation, he starts declaring everything one by one. So many facts that can create turmoil in the country are hidden in the pages of his dark history. And Gladio is the only address that those shocking facts point.
While his declarations end up as a new item for the country agenda everyday, his urge for revenge grows more and more. He has no chance other than playing the last card in his hand; forcing Fuat Aras, the number 2 of Gladio, to show up! But an unexpected surprise has been waiting for Iskender by the end of this road; he has unfortunately become, a part of the game, once more...
Moreover, the place where is asked to sit down this time is not even the felon’s dock...



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